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Your Ultimate Guide for Adventure Travel

Your Ultimate Guide for Adventure Travel

The Nuances of Adventure Travel: The Ultimate Guide

Adrenaline must be flowing through your veins with the wish to glide in midair, dive deep into the sea, or climb rough terrains to admire the valley beneath as you prep up for that adventure travel trip. Although it’s time to turn a fantasy into reality, there are fine lines in adventure travel that can turn it’s might to misery. Worry not, as we bring you some tips which will guide the travel enthusiast in you in the quest for the ultimate adventure!

#Pack light

The first rule of thumb for any adventure is to loosen the straps that would otherwise feel heavy on your shoulders. Easier said than done, but ignore the voice in your head that calls out to Zara or H&M. Keep your clothes to the bare minimum and carry all essentials like a backpack, a sipper, a pair of comfortable hiking or walking shoes, a flashlight, first-aid, medication, insect repellent, toiletry bags, sun block, some packets of small light bites, and the all-important power bank (with adapters!). While packing, use cable organizers to avoid any detangling. A money belt also does wonders in protecting your walk-around-cash and cards. Remember to pack a generous supply of Ziploc plastic bags. You’ll understand their worth when you have to separate your wet clothes from the dry ones. Pack all required items in a big yet rugged duffel bag instead of a suitcase.

Always stash some cash in secret spots like socks, toiletry bag, or concealed compartments in your backpack. The extra cash will come handy if you lose your wallet, or when your cards or ATM machines stop working. Remember to never touch this treasure trove unless necessary.

#Organize important documents

Aside from all the jokes, your travel of any kind involves seriousness in terms of your important documents. Organize your passport, visa, tickets, drug prescriptions, and other such things which will make it easy for you to quickly sort out any formalities. Also, it never hurts to keep a few extra photocopies of your important documents. Passport organizers can be of great use to an adventure traveler.

#Break the language barrier

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Do not let any differences in language and cultural barriers come in your way while travelling. This is where extroverts can shine through by improving experiences through socializing, which can also come in handy to get yourself out of any tricky spots. Go to local markets, talk to natives, and eat local food.

#Capture moments

Amid lofty mountains or sandy beaches, capture your moments with your phone cameras, selfie sticks, or DSLRs. Photos are a great way to revisit places and become nostalgic, which could motivate you to embark on another adventure

What are you waiting for? Begin your escape from the ordinary.

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