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Build your Toiletry kit

Going on trips doesn’t mean you have to let go of your grooming routine and your favourite products. In fact, when you are travelling, you definitely need to have your trusted and dependable products with you. What you need is a great toiletries pouch that not only fits the essentials but also keeps them neatly organized.

Did you know, the first toiletry pouch was developed by Charles Dopplet during World War I and was made out of leather? Toiletry pouches (also called the Dopp kit) have been popular among travellers since its inception, and have made travel easier for innumerable travellers.  The toiletries pouch, that we know now, has undergone several changes to suit the needs of the travellers. Gone are the days of bulky, heavy and easily damaged toiletry pouches. The new age toiletry pouch is light-weight, durable and available in various designs and colours to suit your personality.

How to select a toiletry kit?

The first and foremost aspect to consider while buying a toiletry pouch is assessing how many grooming accessories you need while travelling. Your basic grooming essentials and a few extras should take up most of the space in your kit.

Pro Tip: Use small refillable bottles for your shampoos/conditioners. Small travel size packs work best for tooth paste and all liquids.

With all airlines putting strict restrictions on the luggage weight, a light-weight toiletry pouch made of a light airy material comes to the rescue. Plastic bags, though light-weight, are not sturdy enough to carry sharp items and are prone to tearing. One major disadvantage plastic bags have is retaining moisture in the bag, which can lead to bacterial and fungal growth on your products.

Pro Tip: Avoid plastic bags as much as possible for ecological reasons and to avoid any problems while travelling to places having strict laws for use of plastic.

The biggest factor which separates a good toiletry pouch from a bad one is whether it is water resistant or not. With the toiletry pouch being used in the bathroom excessively, it is bound to have some water splashed on it. A good water resistant pouch not only keeps the products in it dry, but also remains dry, and hence, is easy to pack in a bag.

Now-a-days most toiletries pouches offer a hook or loop to hang it behind the bathroom door. This saves a lot of counter space and also keeps the pouch away from water on the basin counter.

What to pack in a toiletry pouch?

Everyone has their set grooming routine and particular products and brands.  However, there are some absolutely essential products which all travelers need to incorporate in their toiletries kit.

Absolute necessities –

  • Small Toothpaste and Toothbrush (preferably collapsible / foldable)
  • Shampoo and bath gel
  • Hair Brush or Comb
  • Hair Gel
  • Shaving/Beard care tools
  • Fresh Wipes
  • Deodorants / Anti-perspirants
  • Face wash and facial moisturizers
  • Nail clippers and tweezers
  • An extra pair of contact lenses, contact lens solution and eye drops
  • Roll on or travel sized perfume
  • A small pair of scissors

A Simple Guide to build an Efficient Toiletries Kit

How to pack your Toiletry Pouch?

There is no best way to pack your toiletries kit. Everyone has a different kit and different needs. However, here are some tips which can be used by everyone and make their travel hassle-free.

Pro Tip 1: Stow away a clear plastic zipper bag in the toiletry kit. Some airports may demand that you put in your liquid make up stuff in a clear sealable bag.

Pro Tip 2: Compartmentalize your toiletries. This will help you stay organized. It will also help you keep any leaks or mess located in one compartment.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping and building your personal kit! #StayGroomedOnTheMove

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